Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

General terms of use of the printhouse.gr website


With the creation of the website www.printhouse.gr by our company LYCHNOS Ltd, customers are given the opportunity to use the application to update and request offers by product category.


The purpose of this is to list the terms and conditions that govern the use of the site www.printhouse.gr. The customer, by using any page of our site, agrees, fully accepts and is bound by these terms and conditions. In case the visitor / user does not agree or does not understand these terms of use in whole or in part, he must not visit or use this website.


Our company reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time, without prior notice.


1. Our company, LYCHNOS Ltd, is based in Athens. Our address is Nafpliou 9, 104 44 Kolonos and the contact phone number is +30 210 5156300. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding weekends and public holidays. REGISTRATION number 83021902000.


2. File Matters


By accepting this offer, the customer assures that he owns all the legal rights (intellectual-linear, etc.) that give him the authorization to carry out the tasks assigned to us. Otherwise, our company is not responsible.

After the execution of the work, our company has no obligation or responsibility to keep the electronic files or the client's work (photographic material, slides, etc.).


3. Product delivery


The product is delivered to the customer's premises or wherever else the customer indicates. Shipping costs, if born by the recipient, have been included in the price and communicated to the customer from the beginning.


4. Work delay


If there is a delay in sending work - file, due to the client's fault for a period of 30 calendar days, then it is possible for the company to request additional payment for work that has already been done, such as for example for ordering paper, storing it, etc.


5. Delivery time


The average delivery time is set at 5 to 8 working days from the complete receipt of the files (unless otherwise agreed at the outset), the acceptance of the terms of cooperation and the full payment of the agreed price. These days do not include the day or days required to transport the products to the customer's place of delivery.


6. Non-receipt of product by the customer


In the event that the customer does not receive his products from the transport company after five calendar days, the product is returned to our headquarters and there is a corresponding charge to the customer for the transport - return costs. Their receipt from our headquarters should be completed within five calendar days.


7. Collection from our headquarters


Ready-made products can be picked up from our store, without of course being charged for shipping costs. However, this receipt must be completed within five calendar days. Otherwise, these products are transported to a logistics warehouse and the customer is charged for their transportation and storage costs.


8. Product Acceptance


Please check the product you receive in front of the courier, so that it can be immediately established, if there is, a lack, wear, damage or theft of the product sent to you and that our company can immediately examine your matter.


9. Cases of damage, delay, loss of goods


In cases of damage, delay or loss of goods in transit or non-delivery of a product, our company must be notified in writing within 5 calendar days. Any other requirement - observation the customer has in relation to the product he received, he must notify us in writing within 30 calendar days at the latest. After this time, no error on our part is recognized.


10. Third party


Our company is not responsible for work being delayed or not being carried out in the event that a third party is involved. For example, waiting for a file to be sent by someone else on behalf of the client.


11. Reprinting Work


In the event of an error on our part (eg. printing), we undertake to correct this error, provided that the incorrect product is returned, at our expense. Under these circumstances, our company will correct only the specific error or omission and the customer cannot demand any other change or variation in the whole of the specific work, change of the agreement, cancellation or cancellation of this or any other orders that await execution.


12. Illegal Content


Our company may refuse to print work that has offensive, abusive, pornographic, racist or criminal content. In general, anything that is against good morals and the law. In the event that an order with such content is received, any amount already paid and any file already sent for execution will be returned to the customer.


13. Withdrawal or Cancellation of Order


Withdrawal or cancellation of an order by the customer is only accepted if this is notified in writing to our company within 14 days and if we have not proceeded with partial or total processing or printing. In this case, the total amount prepaid is returned to the customer.


14. Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright


By accepting this, the customer assures that he owns all the legal rights (intellectual – linear etc.) that give him the authorization to carry out the tasks assigned to us. Otherwise, our company bears no responsibility.


Even if a work lacks a copyright notice, this does not mean that this work can be reproduced as the work of a third party.


In the event that our company becomes involved in such a dispute with a third party, our client undertakes:


  • to defend our company against such claim,
  • to pay or settle any dispute with the third party,
  • to compensate our company for any costs incurred in resolving the dispute in and out of court.


15. Causes of force majeure


Our company is not responsible in case of inability to execute an order on time for reasons of force majeure, in the meaning of which only incidents are included, which are clearly and demonstrably beyond its control and responsibility. Such events are considered to be war, fire, flood or drought, strike, power failure, failure of execution instructions, unsuitability of electronic files or material in general by the customer.


In this case, the customer, by informing the company in writing, may choose to terminate the cooperation. But he is obliged to pay for work already done or material purchased on his behalf. The rest of the amount is returned to him. Otherwise, he will have to accept the execution of his order, when this will be possible from the company's side.


16. Right of Amendment


Our company reserves the right to interrupt, suspend, modify or change at any time and without warning the offered services, information, goods of our website. It also reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time.


17. Work samples


Our company may use its customers' products as a sample of its work only (whether online or not), unless our customer refuses this possibility in writing.


18. Routing to Third Party Websites


Our website may provide the possibility for users to be transferred through special links (links, banners, etc.) to third-party websites. Our company is not responsible for the content, correctness, privacy policy, legality of these websites, as well as for the accuracy and validity of the information they provide and the quality of the products and services they offer. They are simply listed for the convenience of our customers in searching for information about our products. In any case, our company is not responsible for the malfunctioning of these websites as well as for any damage to our customers from accessing and using them.


19. Intellectual property rights – trademarks and logos of our company


The content of www.printhouse.gr (informative material of any form, data, photographs, trademark, logo, etc.) is the property of the company LYCHNOS Ltd, and their unauthorized use (publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation and exploitation, in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited in any way. They are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and Community legislation as well as international conventions.


20. Reproduction of Content


It is expressly forbidden, without the prior written permission of our company, in any way, to reproduce, republish, modify, distribute, make available, transmit and in general use all or part of the content of this website.


21. Dispute Resolution – Jurisdiction


These terms are interpreted according to Greek Law. For the resolution of any dispute that may arise from this contract - application of these terms of use as well as from the realization of electronic transactions through this website, the courts of Athens are competent.


22. Communication


In case the user - customer has any question or needs any help in relation to the use of this website, please contact our company at 210 5156300 or send an email to info@printhouse.gr .