How to design a leaflet or a brochure?

by Admin Admin

Your file must be a high-resolution pdf.

Colour coding in cmyk, not in pantone (printing only in offset) not in RGB (they are only screen colours, so in print you will have a different colour result than on the screen).

300dpi resolution.

5mm cut on each side and cut points. All elements of your mock-up (lettering, photos, drawings,
logos) must be placed at least 5mm through the cut points. If you want a design or photo to stand out,
it should be up to 5mm, outside the cut points.

Fold points if your form folds.

All fonts and elements of your mock-up should be outlines or curves.

For offset printing, for more correct colour accuracy, we recommend printing a certified digital colour test, it only applies in the case of exclusive printing and this is because in co-printing there cannot always be colour accuracy, the tolerable margin of error in the shade of the colours of the forms that are not accompanied by a certified essay or relate to co-printing is + or - 10%.

Brochure mock-up files, when 2-sided, should be on 2 pdf pages (either separate or in the same pdf).