What kind of paper can a book be digitally printed on;

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For the cover of a book as well as for other forms and cards, there are both plain (Velvet, Illustration) and special papers for monochrome or four-color printing such as Acquerello Avorio, Acquerello Bianco, Tintorento Guesso, Tintorento Crema and others.
Indicatively, we list some details:

AcquerelloPapers coated with excellent performance in both four-color and background printing - embossed with fine stripes on both sides. Available in two shades:

  • Cream (Acquerello Avorio) in  240g
  • White (Acquerello Bianco ) in  240g

Tintorento :Paper with subtle hammering on both sides. It is recommended to be used for four-color printing that do not have large backgrounds, so that the texture of the paper can be seen better. Available in two shades, Sugar (Crema) and White (Guesso) in 250 g.

Natural evolution 280 gr Coated paper. Thanks to the special coating it has, it is ideal for four-color printing with backgrounds, with excellent color performance. Available in two shades white and ivory (very light sugar).

White matte  : Specially processed European papers for the inner of books. Most books are printed on white  matte paper. For those who want a creamy shade, there are cream papers with equally excellent print quality.

Velvet :Coated paper with a smooth velvet feel and smooth surface on both sides. It has excellent color rendering. It is mainly used in color printing.